dam engages elected officials, board members and agency executives with a seriousness of purpose and tact, understanding the nuances and pressures of their public responsibilities. He’s respected around the Capitol for his even temperament and good judgment. During his career, he has testified and offered professional advice over hundreds of hours in legislative hearings and work groups, particularly during appropriations and finance deliberations.

His major areas of expertise include:

State Appropriations

A budget and finance expert, Adam served for nine years as the COO and chief fiduciary for the agency with the largest general revenue budget in state government. He is also a former agency budget director and a veteran of the House Appropriations Committee and the Legislative Budget Board staffs. He is highly adept at analyzing and crafting responsive amendments to fiscal notes, riders and authorizing legislation.

Public Education Policy

Over a 16-year career, Adam oversaw every financial and operational function of the Texas Education Agency. His breadth of knowledge and experience reaches every facet of state education policy for the past 20 years, often as the commissioner’s designee, representing the state on matters of finance, accountability and administrative rulemaking. He is also a past director of the Senate Education Committee.

Information Technology

Adam understands the technology industry from both the government and private sector side. In addition to being the Chief Information Officer at TEA, he served two terms as a member of the board of directors of the Department of Information Resources, where he served as a key advisor on procurement decisions for data center consolidation as a member of the Business Executive Leadership Committee. His current private sector practice includes general IT consulting, assessments, governance and procurement.


Adam helps business clients develop and maintain a solid and productive vendor relationship with state government. Few professionals match his understanding of Texas procurement processes, including major information technology projects. As a state executive, he made major purchasing decisions and conducted contract negotiations with entities ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual professional service providers. Upon departing public service, he built and led a successful state government practice for Weaver, the largest independent CPA firm in Texas. He is a tremendous asset to any entity interested in business development, proposal preparation, negotiation, alternative contracting vehicles or general consulting.